Egypt's urea fertilizer export surge

  • 4/10/2017

The Egyptian Government is promoting a new policy to encourage exports, as they are a fundamental resource to attract investment to the country. Such measure is particularly beneficial for urea fertilizer export.

As a direct consequence of that, this component, so far sold for local use only, is now being traded abroad in increasingly large quantities. Most urea shipments are destined to Europe and Turkey, where they directly arrive through the main Mediterranean ports.

At this point, some of you might be wondering what exactly urea fertilizer is. Although already well known among workers in the agricultural sector, it can be of general interest to mention that today, according to FAO, this nitrogen-based product is likely the most widely used at a global level. Compared to the others, it’s easier to apply, less expensive and even less polluting, which explains why in the past decade, in response to a demographic surge, there’s been a steady rise in the world demand for this fertilizer.

Today, the use of urea has therefore surpassed and nearly replaced that of ammonium nitrate in farming. Egypt, with a consolidated local tradition of fertilizer production dating back to the thirties, is aligned with this general trend. The demand for food and other agricultural commodities is constantly increasing as is its population, today enjoying better living standards than in the past. In light of the present situation, efforts are being made to continually enhance crop productivity and quality, by breeding new high yielding varieties and developing more efficient agricultural practices.

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