Egypt’s New Customs Procedure: Opening of NAFEZA platform to Importers

  • 8/6/2021

The Egyptian Ministry of Finance has issued Decree 222/2021 to enable importers to register their shipments and request an Advanced Cargo Information Declaration (ACID) number on the NAFEZA platform, to speed up customs clearance.

The Egyptian government has started a public pilot by opening the NAFEZA platform (the Egyptian Single Window System for foreign trade) to all importing companies. They are now able to register their shipments into NAFEZA and request an Advanced Cargo Information Declaration (ACID) number.

For importers to complete this process, the exporter must be already registered in the CargoX Platform. This new system aims to speed the entry and clearance of the imported goods to Egypt.

This new system was officially intended to be fully implemented and mandatory from 1st July 2021. However, the Egyptian Ministry of Finance announced that it is postponed until 1st October 2021, to allow all importers, exporters, multinational companies, manufacturers, and all other involved parties, more time to register on the new platform(s).

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