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Egypt’s flexible exchange rate policy

According to Reuters, in January of 2017 Egypt fixed its customs dollar exchange rate, since then adjusting it on a monthly basis, so as to help importers better cope with pricing of their merchandise.

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GASC, the world's largest wheat importer

In Egypt, the General Authority For Supply Commodities (GASC) procures strategic agricultural commodities with the purpose of developing the local and international market, while promoting fair competitiveness and prohibiting monopoly. All these functions are especially critical during the local wheat harvest season in April.

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Egypt's urea fertilizer export surge

The Egyptian Government is promoting a new policy to encourage exports, as they are a fundamental resource to attract investment to the country. Such measure is particularly beneficial for urea fertilizer export.

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Products you want to keep an eye on when exporting to Egypt

The pressing request for foreign currency in Egypt in the past years has been entirely reshaping the import process. In light of recent events, GOEIC is now giving priority to new categories of regulated products.

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Egypt’s deal with Iraq on crude oil supplies

In the Egyptian economy, the production of gasoline, gas, oil and fuel oil has been put in jeopardy by the ongoing petroleum shortage. This involves supply cuts to factories and frequent electrical outages undermining the stability of the domestic economy, which is currently suffering a major setback.

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