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Exporting to Egypt? Let us guide you through the GOEIC assessment process, and the steps you need to take to get your goods certified for export.

GOEIC aims to protect Egyptian consumers, the environment and the country's reputation by employing the latest techniques and procedures to inspect, test and certify products exported to the country. To achieve this, GOEIC collaborates with other Ministry of Trade and Industry stakeholders to facilitate the movement of goods, develop Egyptian industries, encourage exports and raise the competitiveness of Egyptian products.

GOEIC regulates several products with Certificates of Conformities being mandatory from November 18, 2021. To determine conformity, Cotecna, a trusted partner of the Egyptian government, physically inspects products, collects samples and tests goods in ISO 17025 accredited laboratories as per GOEIC requirements.

Cotecna is also authorized to conduct factory audits to determine compliance with Egyptian standards.

GOEIC Certification Process

To issue a Certificates of Conformity for GOEIC regulated products, Cotecna follows one of two certification routes to determine exporter compliance. Cotecna can help inform you which routes you are eligible for, and any other queries you might have. Please contact us for assistance.

Egypt Conformity Assessment Process Route A

Route A: Unregistered or Unlicensed Products
Route A of the GOEIC Conformity Assessment Programme is designed for infrequent exporters who do not need to register or license their products.
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Egypt Conformity Assessment Process Route B

Route B: Registered Products
Route B of the GOEIC Conformity Assessment Programme is designed for exporters and manufacturers that make regular shipments to Egypt.
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Request a Certification

To learn more about the GOEIC programme, or to get a certificate for your exports, please send us a request.

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