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19 June 2017

Egypt’s flexible exchange rate policy

According to Reuters, in January of this year Egypt fixed its customs dollar exchange rate, since then adjusting it on a monthly basis, so as to help importers better cope with pricing of their merchandise. This decision came after the Central Bank of Egypt initially floated its currency in November in an attempt to at...

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29 May 2017

GASC, the world's largest wheat importer

In Egypt, the General Authority For Supply Commodities (GASC) procures strategic agricultural commodities with the purpose of developing the local and international market, while promoting fair competitiveness and prohibiting monopoly, which implies, in a word, balancing the market. All these functions are especially ...

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10 April 2017

Egypt's UREA fertilizer export surge

  The Egyptian Government is promoting a new policy to encourage exports, as they are a fundamental resource to attract investment to the country. Such measure is particularly beneficial for urea fertilizer export. As a direct consequence of that, this component, so far sold for local use only, is now being traded...

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27 March 2017

Products you want to keep an eye on when exporting to Egypt

The pressing request for foreign currency in Egypt in the past years has been entirely reshaping the import process. In light of recent events, GOEIC is now giving priority to new categories of regulated products. In order of importance, these are: Raw materials As reported by the local newspaper Al-Mon...

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13 March 2017

Egypt’s deal with Iraq on crude oil supplies

In the Egyptian economy, the production of gasoline, gas, oil and fuel oil has been put in jeopardy by the ongoing petroleum shortage. This involves supply cuts to factories and frequent electrical outages undermining the stability of the domestic economy, which is currently suffering a major setback. In an attempt to ...

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16 January 2017

Egypt lifts import ban on wheat

In November 2015, Egypt’s Government approved the replacement of the existing procurement price policy on wheat with direct subsidies to farmers (FPMA Food Policies), as well as the purchase of local harvest at the average international price during harvest time (April-June). However, this decision was subsequently r...

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05 December 2016

New regulations for agricultural commodities in Egypt

The Egyptian Ministry of Industry, Trade and Small Industries, in particular through the General Authority For Supply Commodities (GASC) and the General Organization for Export and Import Control (GOEIC), has recently demanded that all inspection companies quickly readjust their ISO 17020 accreditation requirements ...

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07 November 2016

The evolution of Egypt's economy at a glance

Historically, agriculture represents one of the main economic resources in Egypt. It absorbs more than 30% of the labor force and contributes to domestic economy by making up about 20-30% of GDP. The agricultural sector presently satisfies around 63% of citizens’ nutritional needs and family farming is the prevai...

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19 September 2016

The export process in Egypt

Brief history of the GOEIC Program Following Decrees n°992/2015 and n°43/2016 on March 16, 2016 by the Egyptian Ministry of Trade and Industry, important changes have been applied to the Customs Clearance procedure, as well as to the list of regulated products subject to conformity assessment. Factories, manu...

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30 August 2016

Applicable standards

As per Egyptian Decree number 991/2015: Special conditions regarding the importation of certain commodities: The products regulated in Egypt by the Verification of Conformity (VOC) program, from March 16, 2016, must now meet the following requirements: Pre-shipment inspection in the exporting country Systemati...

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15 August 2016

Egyptian Ministerial Decree No. 43 / 2016 on the Registration of Foreign Factories

All eligible exporters to Egypt – i.e. factories, companies, trademark owners - of any of the products listed below, shall be registered with the General Organization for Export and Import Control (GOEIC). The commercial imports shall not be accepted unless they are produced in the registered factories, or come f...

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29 July 2016

Egyptian Ministerial Decree No.992/2015

If you are planning to export to the Arab Republic of Egypt, it is first of all necessary to register the factories producing the merchandise listed in Decree 991 / 2015. The registration application must be submitted by a legal representative of the factory or the trade mark owner - or any other person appointed by ei...

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20 June 2016

Egyptian Ministerial Decree No.991/2015

This Decree implements special conditions regarding the importation of specific commodities. Indeed, the Ministry of Trade & Industry announces that some particular products exported to the Republic of Egypt for the retail market should follow a new import procedure. Factories, manufacturers or trademark owners of ...

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01 June 2016

Compulsory registration to GOEIC for Exports to Egypt

Following the publication of the Decrees n°992/2015 and n°43/2106 whom entered into force on the 16th March 2016, the Egyptian Ministry of Trade and Industry has introduced important changes to the Customs Clearance procedure as well as to the list of regulated products subject to conformity assessment. As of t...

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