Pursuant to the provisions of the Presidential Decree No. 378/1999, the General Organization for Import and Export Control (GOEIC) is an authority directly affiliated to the Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade.

It works closely with the sectors of the Ministry of Foreign Trade as a cooperative entity whose primary and main objective is to facilitate the flow of trade, support Egyptian industries, develop exports of all types, and boost its competitive edge in all international markets to achieve progress and prosperity for Egypt and its citizens.

GOEIC mainly performs the following activities:

  1. Specific import and export control.
  2. Register keeping (importers register, exporters register, commercial agents register, etc.)
  3. Issuing Certificates of Origin for goods of Egyptian origin and of acquired Egyptian origin.
  4. Sorting agriculture crops in order to categorize them.

The Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade in Egypt recently issued new decrees which came into effect on 16 March 2016. Decrees No. 991/2015, 992/2015 & 43/2016 introduce significant changes to the import clearance procedure and also the expansion of the list of Regulated products subject to conformity assessment. Factories, manufacturers or trademark owners of regulated products must now register their products/brand with GOEIC to continue to export to Egypt.

GOEIC Partner

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In 2012, Cotecna was accredited by the General Organization for Export and Import Control (GOEIC) to verify the conformity to local standards of all leather, artificial leather and textile products exported to the Arab Republic of Egypt.

In this regard, Cotecna assists exporters and importers throughout the conformity assessment process and in obtaining a Certificate of Conformity (COC) to clear their goods at Customs.

Since March 2016, Cotecna has extended its services to the new complete list of regulated products and is also now assisting exporters throughout the entire registration process to receive the necessary GOEIC Registration.

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